The Sword

The KOI Awards regard the lighting designer as a “Knight of Illumination”; a skilled and honorable defender of integrity and professionalism in the lighting world. These “Knights” protect such values with their lighting “sword” in hand – an analogy to the lighting instrument bestowed upon them by the industry.


Since its evolution from the dagger in the Bronze Age, the sword has always connoted nobility, loyalty, hard work and dedication. It is a mark of skill, virtue and dignity.


Entrusted by rulers to their finest fighters and their proudest prodigies, the sword has been given to devoted and dutiful women and men serving their countries and provinces all over the world throughout history.


 Much like in the tales of deserving heroes and heroines in mythology and history, our swords are bequeathed to the industry’s most noble and dedicated designers.


The sword is a reminder for our designers of their hard work which benefits and complements performances, consequently colouring and enhancing the lives of others through entertainment.