2017 Winner of the d3 Technologies Award for

Video Electronic Content

Image module

Liam Tomaszewski, Mark Calvert, Dave Green and Ross Chapple

Eric Prydz: Epic 5.0

SHORTLISTED: James Scott and Louis Oliver (Okulus) for Bring Me The Horizon on That’s the Spirit tour, and Damian Hale, Sarah Hopper and David Shepherd (The Third Company) for Sigur Ròs World Tour 2016.

KOI Judges’ comments


“Quite simply astonishing. Awe-inspiring, large scale holographic video content that broke free from the restraints of the traditional ‘video screen’ and brought life to the music on an enormous scale. Clearly, an incredible amount of pre-production work went into Epic 05, and it was certainly worth it!”

Claire Beeson


“A live production first in the DJ world; upping the ante in the ever-competitive EDM world, the thinking behind these visuals showed exciting innovation from start to finish.”

Kelly Murray


“Great use of layers and scale to literally be the show working perfectly with the architecture.”

Jonny Milmer