2017 Winner of the ETC Award for


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Fabiana Piccioli

Aakash Odedra Company's Echoes

SHORTLISTED: Tom Visser for The Royal Ballet’s Flight Pattern at The Royal Opera House, and Alastair West for Northern Ballet’s Casanova at Leeds Grand Theatre.

KOI Judges’ comments


“Piccioli’s design was the perfect example of using no physical set and making use of the small space on stage. The lighting design offered a sense of spiritual significance. It was astonishingly beautiful. She created a ‘light forest’ on the floor, which was danced in-between. It was staggering. Absolutely unforgettable. There was no other interference apart from the light, the dance, and the very few props. The lighting created an immersive world and made the entire experience. I left feeling changed.”

Neil Norman