2017 Winner of The Hawthorn Award for

Projection Design

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Lysander Ashton (collected by Ed Stockton)

City of Glass

SHORTLISTED: Ian William Galloway for Hansel and Gretel at Leeds Grand Theatre, and Tal Rosner for 8 Minutes at Sadler’s Wells.

KOI Judges’ comments


“The video was the set –it became the location. The sets melted away and collapsed into other locations. It was extraordinary. Not just a visual feat, it was a piece of art. It opened up possibilities for the future, but I don’t know where you can go from that – the walls were alive. It broke boundaries.”

Matt Trueman


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The Hawthorn Award for Projection Design KOI2017

Winner of the Hawthorn Award for Projection Design, Lysander Ashton. Ed Stockton was there, collecting on his behalf at KOI 2017!

Gepostet von Knight of Illumination Awards am Freitag, 19. Januar 2018