2019 Winner of the the Elation Award for

Contribution to Television Lighting

Richard Gorrod (collected by Ross Williams)

The Elation Award for Contribution to Television Lighting Award was established by the STLD to recognise those who are not necessarily lighting designers themselves, but whose work is regarded as having made a major contribution to television lighting. Richard Gorrod, Head of Event Services at PRG Lighting, was this year’s recipient for his exceptional skill in lighting, rigging, drawing and impeccable attention to detail.

Colleagues described Gorrod as “one of the hardest working technicians in the industry and a huge asset for any lighting designer, director or programmer.” Gorrod’s TV credits include the MTV Awards, the Brit Awards, Eurovision, and the Super Bowl Halftime Show. “Many of us owe a lot of thanks to Richie for his dedication, skill, and support on our shows,” said Ross Williams from the STLD. Durham Marenghi added, “Many LDs attribute the success of their events to the skills of the technicians who realise them and Rich commands huge respect by being the master of this role.”