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Interview to Richard Pilbrow, Winner of the 2011 K.O.I. AWARDS

UK – Internationally respected lighting designer Richard Pilbrow has called the annual Knight of Illumination Awards “the most valuable gift to the entire lighting profession”.

British-born Pilbrow, who now lives in America, is joint founder of the Association of British Theatre Technicians, Society of Theatre Consultants, The Society of British Theatre Designers, and the Association of Lighting Designers.

Richard Pilbrow (centre) and

the other KOI winners

He has won countless awards, including the Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award in Lighting Design from the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Association of British Theatre Technicians Technician of the Year (2000), Lighting Designer of the Year by Lighting Dimensions Magazine (2005), The Wally Russell Foundation Wally Russell Lifetime Achievement Award (2008), and was honoured at last year’s Knight of Illumination Awards with a Lifetime Achievement Award.


“I was tremendously honoured to receive the Knight of Illumination award,” he says. “The KOI is a marvellous gift to our profession. Lighting Design still fails to receive sufficient attention and this is a major uplift to the industry’s profile. Also, to be nominated for such an honour by one’s peers is an honour indeed.”


The Knight of illumination Awards happen each September to recognise excellence in lighting design for live music, television and theatre events. Organised by STLD, ALD and Clay Paky, the ‘KOI’ event forges closer ties between the world of Lighting Design and the Lighting Industry as a whole.


“Light is after all, one of the strongest and most fundamental influences on the human eye, brain, emotions and sub-conscious,” says Pilbrow. “Events such as KOI assist in the slow but gradual development of the recognition good lighting design deserves.”


This year’s nominations are now open, and organisers are inviting suggestions for the long list.


(Jim Evans)