2017 Winner

The STLD Award

Image module

Ross Williams

For support and contribution to television lighting

KOI Judges’ comments

“This was the first year that the STLD Award has been given. The award is designed to recognise those who are not lighting designers but whose work is regarded as making a major excellent contribution to lighting the production of television pictures.

In it’s first year, the committee chose to recognise the work of Ross Williams, a brilliant lighting programmer and so much more. Ross transferred from the world of theatre over twenty years ago and has subsequently worked on some of the largest events in the world including: Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, Sports Personality of the Year and The Voice.

Ross advanced the use of graphics in TV when he bought one of the first Catalyst systems and soon carved out a reputation as the ‘go-to’ person for programming graphics on television shows. He has a reputation as a strong team player who fits in easily with other programmers. Ross is perceived as a lighting collaborator as much as he is a programmer.”

Stuart Gain